At Rutherford Farmers Co-op we offer custom feeds to meet your needs. Let our feed specialist help you come up with a plan to match your forages and minerals with a balanced feed.

Dairy Services

Here at Rutherford Farmers Co-op your success is our priority, therefore we aim to provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. We offer our Dairy Service Truck to dairy farmers across the state. This truck has all the supplies that you may need to be successful on your dairy farm. Let out Dairy Services Truck and Diary Supply Truck specialist help you succeed.


Here at Rutherford Farmers Co-op we have a full line of Pinnacle feeds, made exclusively by Tennessee Farmers Cooperative, for your horse. We also offer a line of Purina feeds to meet everyone’s needs.

Come by one of our locations and let one of our employees answer any question that may arise. We may not have the answer our self, but we will definitely get you the answer.

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Small Animals

Not only do we have what you need for are your large animals, but we have a huge selection of feeds for all your small animals. We can handle your feed needs for everything from specialty rodent to chicken to sheep and goats. If it eats we either have a feed for it or can get you feed for it.

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