Rutherford Farmers Cooperative began in 1945 to provide the farming community with a reliable, consistent supply of quality agricultural inputs. Rutherford Farmers Cooperative continues to provide over 2,800 local member-owners with pooled purchasing power, quality products, valuable services, expert advice, and the rare opportunity to direct and control their own business. We also provide products and assistance to over 29,000 non-member customers in the home, pet, equine, hunting, lawn and garden markets.

Rutherford Farmers Cooperative is located in Rutherford, Cannon and Dekalb counties and staffed with a team of well-educated specialists in all areas. We take our expertise beyond the store walls into the field and onto the farm to help diagnose problems, formulate management programs, deliver supplies, apply inputs, set up equipment, and support our farmers in every way possible.

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As a farmer-owned cooperative, we are committed to achieving success by serving our customers to the very best of our ability and resources. By applying our knowledge and experience, we strive to create an atmosphere of trust and loyalty all while providing quality products and services.

Board Members

Terry Young
Bobby Boyce
Roger "Chip" Smith

Dustin Lamb
Justin Jones
Bart Griffin
Thomas C. Woodruff